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Michael Baumgartner

University of Osnabrück
Institute of Cognitive Science
Albrechtstrasse 28
49076 Osnabrück

Tel: +49 (0)541 969-2797
Fax: +49 (0)541 969-2415
Email: michael.baumgartner@uni-osnabrueck.de

I am currently a Juniorprofessor at the Institute of Cognitive Science of the University of Osnabrück. My PhD is from the University of Bern (2005). I work on questions in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of logic, in particular, on causation and logical formalization. My publications include an introduction to the philosophy of causation entitled "Kausalitaet und kausales Schliessen" (2004) and numerous papers on causation, causal reasoning, regularity theories, interventionism, non-reductive physicalism, epiphenomenalism, determinism, logical formalization, argument reconstruction/evaluation, QCA, and the slingshot argument.