The 60cm telescope of the Naturwissenschaftliche Verein


This telescope is situated about 25 km east of Osnabrück. It is protected by a massive dome of 6.5 meters diameter.
Its coordinates are: Latitude: N 52° 15' 14,7"; Longitude: E 8° 19' 27,7"; Height: 219 m

The telescope

The telescope is a classical Cassegrain with a mirror of 60 cm diameter and a focal length of 7460 mm.

The detector

At the moment, we use a CCD camera ST-6 of the firm Santa Barbara Instrument Group. That gives an area of 3 x 3.9 arcmin with a pixel resolution of 0.62 x 0.74 arcsec.
At the moment we have no standard (BVRI) filters yet and integration times are limited to about 60s.

However the weather during the time of the ASTRONOMY ON-LINE project is not so very favourable at our station. Nevertheless we intend to contribute with observations to this project. Requests for observations should be sent to us via email:
ahaenel@physik.uni-osnabrueck.de or