The Planetarium

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The artificial starry sky with its motions is projected onto a dome of 8m diameter in a realistic manner.
Results of modern astronomical research are presented in multimedia shows.
Besides the planetarium projector "Skymaster" ZKP 2 from Carl Zeiss Jena more than a dozen slide projectors and a video projection are used.
minplan1.gif Interior of the planetarium

presentations (in German) see the german page!

in English:

Motions in the Sky

The english version of this program (mainly intended for school classes) on demand

Reservations and detailed informations phone 0541-5600351!

entrance fees: 4 Euros, reduced 2 Euros, families 7 Euros

The starry sky at Osnabrück during the actual month

as GIF-picture (600x600) and the describing Text (in German). 

Comet observations

Observations of comet Hyakutake an comet Hale-Bopp.

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