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at Schloss Etelsen


Election Student Representatives

Our newly-elected student representatives are Jan-Hannes Schäfer from the structural biology group and Katharina Olschewski from the biochemistry group

Student Representatives

SFB944 International Conference

Tuesday Sept. 21st - Thursday Sept. 23rd

Cellular microcompartments and their physiology in organelle and cell function


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Are you a PhD student working on a SFB 944 project? Or are you a PhD student working at the Biology Department or in a Life Science group of the University of Osnabrück? Then you definitely should apply to become a member of the IRTG!



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IRTG-Retreat 2021

We are glad to announce that we can finally catch up to the postponed IRTG Retreat 2020!

The IRTG Retreat 2021 will take place at the North Sea island Borkum from Wednesday, November 03rd to Saturday, November 06th. Conference venue is the Kulturinsel Borkum and the participants are housed at Hotel Kachelot

Coming soon! PhD students during a poster session at the IRTG-Retreat 2019