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Working Papers

On Optimal Currency Areas and Common Cycles: Are the Acceding Countries Ready to Join the Euro?
(with Louisa Grimm & Frank Westermann), IEW Working Paper #120, April 2021.



Research Articles

Evergreening in the Euro Area: Evidence form Survey Data and a Conceptual Framework
(with Aaron Tornell & Frank Westermann), CESifo Economic Studies, Editor's Choice, Vol. 67, 2021.

Nachfrageorientierte Klimapolitik – Evidenz aus der Corona-Krise
Wirtschaftsdienst, Heft 4, 2020.


Capital Flight to Germany: Two Alternative Measures
Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 102, 2020.

A Tale of Two Surplus Countries: China and Germany
(with Yin-Wong Cheung & Frank Westermann), Open Economies Review, Vol. 31, 2020.

Wie dezentral sind Geldpolitik und Bankenaufsicht in Europa?
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, Vol. 20(1), 2019.

Exit Strategies, Capital Flight and Speculative Attacks: Europe's Version of the Trilemma
(with Andreas Steiner & Frank Westermann), European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 59, 2019.

Systemic Crisis and Growth Revisited: Has the Global Financial Crisis Marked a New Era?
(with Frank Westermann), Economics Letters, Vol. 170, 2018.

Multilateral loans and interest rates: further evidence on the seniority conundrum
(with Frank Westermann), International Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol. 22(2), 2017.

Do Foreign Currency Accounts Help Relax Credit Constraints? Evidence from Nepal
(with Nephil M. Maskay & Frank Westermann), Pacific Economic Review, Vol. 23(3), 2018.

China’s Capital Flight: Pre- and Post-Crisis Experiences
(with Yin-Wong Cheung & Frank Westermann), Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 66, 2016.

The Impact of Remittances on Central Bank Balance Sheets, Inflation and Welfare in Nepal
(with Nephil M. Maskay & Frank Westermann), NRB Economic Review (Journal of the Central Bank of Nepal), 2015.

The role of creditor seniority in Europe's sovereign debt crisis
(with Frank Westermann), Economic Policy, Vol. 29(79), 2014.

The Tragedy of the Commons and Inflation Bias in the Euro Area
(with Valeriya Dinger & Frank Westermann), Open Economies Review, Vol. 25(1), 2014.

Target2-Salden: Datenquellen und Informationsgehalt als Krisenindikator
Wirtschaftsdienst, December 2014.

Policy Contributions, Academic Blog Posts, and Comments