Universität Osnabrück - Wolfgang Junge

MOVIE 1: Animation of the operation of the F1-ATPase. (Energy-minimized interpolation by Dmitry Cherepanov (2001) of the 1994-crystal structure from John Walker's lab in Cambridge) F1-ATPase
MOVIE 2: Animation of the proton-driven FOF1-ATP synthase. (after O. Fritsche & W. Junge (1999) by iAS, courtesy of http://www.iwf.de (2005)) FOF1-ATP
MOVIE 3: Original video of fluorescent F-actin attached to the c-ring of FO which rotates as driven by ATP-hydrolysis in F1. The torque profile of the enzyme was calculated from the curvature of the filament (O. Pänke et al. (2001) Biophysical J. 81, 1220-33.) FOF1_rot
MOVIE 4: Animation of the proton-translocating (electro-)motor FO of the ATP synthase (concept: WJ et al. (1997) TIBS 22, 420-23, animation M. Sauer (2001)) FO_forward
MOVIE 5: Stepped rotation of the c-ring in FOF1 recorded with small probe on FO.  FOF1_rot500nm
MOVIE 6: Continuous rotation of the gamma subunit of immobilized F1 driven by
rotating external magnetic field acting on hyperparamagnetic bead.
MOVIE 7: Magnetically forced rotation of a hyper-paramagnetic bead attached to the FO-end of the stator of rotary FOF1-ATPase, the extent being limited by the stiffness of the stator (see Wächter A et al. (2011) PNAS-USA 108, 3924-29) Magnetdreher
MOVIE 8: Gamma subunit with fixed C-terminus, animation by targeted MD, D. Cherepanov (2001) based on: Gumbiowski et al. (2001) JBC 276, 42287 Gamma-Rotation
MOVIE 9: From Light to ATP Proton Translocating, Rotary F-ATPase in Chloroplasts
 (1999, O. Fritsche & W. Junge)
Torsional domain stiffness in FOF1
(see H. Sielaff et al. (2008) PNAS-USA 105, 17760-65 and A Wächter et al. (2011 PNAS-USA 108, 3924-29)
Stiff Compliant
Calculated turnover rate of rotary FOF1 with attached viscous load as a function of the rotor stiffness (see D. Cherepanov and W. Junge (2001) Biophys.J. 81, 1234-44 - O. Pänke et al. (2001) 81, 1220-33) ATP-Schema
Actin-to-FOF1 linkage linkage
MOVIE 10: Detaching filaments from immobilized FOF1 by laminar flow Detaching Filament
Water Oxidation
WOX and H+ WOX and H+
pH-indicators pH-indicators
Hydrogen-bonded Tyrosinate Tyrh
H+ -steered ET H+ -steered ET
Electrostatical and Chemical Proton Release WOXH
How to time resolve proton release from WOX peri-h
Simplex Reaction Scheme Simplex Reaction Scheme

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