Experiments in toric geometry and lattice polytopes


Winfried Bruns (wbruns@uos.de)


The software package ToricExp contains algorithms for the creation and investigation of lattice polytopes and related objects. The executable programs aim at finding (counter)examples to open questions or conjectures on smooth projective toric varieties.


Except for the h-vector computation, the library contains the algorithms of Normaliz in an independent implementation plus many more functions. To use the functionality of the package completely, you must also install Normaliz.


The library on which the executables are based is presently not sufficiently documented for use by others (sorry). I hope it can be converted into a well-structured piece of software soon. See documentation for the use of the executables.


I am distributing the software under the GPL.


Download the package and unzip it in a directory of your choice. The package contains a makefile. Alternatively you can easily compile the programs yourself by gcc. (I have not tried other C compilers.)


Upload: Version 1.2, October  9, 2011


For the mathematical background see


W. Bruns and J. Gubeladze. Polytopes, rings and K-theory, Springer 2009


W. Bruns, The quest for counterexamples in toric geometry. Preprint (also contained in the package)