ALUMNI: Former PhD student of the Lab

Dr. Christian Meyer finished his PhD in 2/2023 is currently PostDoc in the lab.

Dr. Nora Klinke finished her PhD in 8/2022. Nora now faces new challenges at the State Criminal Police Office in Düsseldorf. nklinke (et)

Dr. Ronja Schiemann finished her PhD in 7/2022. She worked with Heiko Harten, Junior Group Leader at the department, on Neprilysins and SERCA in heart and muscle cells. Ronja is currently a PostDoc in the lab of Prof. Carmen Birchmeier at the Max-Delbrück-Center, Berlin. Email: ronja.schiemann (et)

Dr. Kay Lammers finished his PhD in 4/2022. He now works as a teacher of biology and computer science at a high school in Münsterland. Email: kay.lammers (et)

Dr. Lena Dehnen finished her PhD in 2/2020. She accepted a new position at our institute and is responsible for public relations, press activities and web appearance of the institute. Email: lena.dehnen (et)

Dr. Yanina Post finished her doctoral thesis in 2/2019. She is an International Junior Key Account Manager at the Peter Kwasny GmbH, a chemicals company.

Dr. Mirko Hüsken finished his PhD in 10/2017. Currently he is Medical Science Liason Manager at Bayer Vital GmbH.

Dr. Benjamin Hallier finished his PhD in 7/2017. Email: Benjamin got an appointment as a Field Sales Representative at Diagonal GmbhH & Co.KG, Münster.

Dr. Ariane Wilmes finished her PhD in 5/2016. She also worked as a coordinator for the SFB-integrated IRTG graduate school in Osnabrück. Her email address is: Ariane Wilmes Ariane.Wilmes@Biologie.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE. Currently, Ariane worked as a staff scientist at the University of Dundee, UK. In 2020, she returned to Germany.

Dr. Bettina Prieß (nee Abeln) finished her PhD in 5/2014. /research gate/ In 7/2014 she got an appointment at AstraZeneca (pharmaceutics) in Berlin, since 2016, Bettina works at Jenapharm GmbH & Co KG as pharmaceutical representative.

Dr. Maik Drechsler /research gate/ has completed his PhD in 7/2012. Afterwards he worked as a coordinator for the Oviedo-Osnabrück international graduate school (DAAD funded IPID program). Maik has been with Prof. Dr. Isabel Palacios at the Department of Zoology, Downing Street, University of Cambridge (UK) for post-doctoral training. In Cambridge, he worked on cell polarity. Afterwards Maik returned to Osnabrück as a Young Investigator. Email: maik.drechsler (et)

Dr. Markus Tögel /research gate/ has finished his PhD successfully in spring 2013. He accepted a position at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford (UK) in the group of Prof. Tudor A. Recently he moved to the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at the University of Oxford to the group of Prof. Scott Waddell. Email: m.toegel (et)

Dr. Carmen Döring (2012) has finished her PhD in the lab of Prof. Günter Purschke. Carmen is currently working in a pharmaceutical company in Münster. Email:

Dr. Shuoshuo Wang /research gate/ (PhD 6/2012) After completing his PhD Shuoshuo continued in research and joined Prof. Talila Volk at the Weizmann-Institut in Rehovot (Israel) to work on tube formation. In 2017 Shuoshuo moved on to the Lionnet lab at NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City, Institute for Systems Genetics. In 2019 Shuoshuo decided to continue his research in the Lee lab at Cambridge (Harvard University) and is now focussing on Stem cell and regenerative biology. Email: magniwang (et)

Dr. Christine Lehmacher (PhD 5/2012) // After finishing her PhD, Christine teamed up with Prof. Günther Purschke (this Department) and Dr. Dieter Fiege from the Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt to work as a PostDoc researcher for about one year. Christine got an appointment at the Hochschule Osnabrück (University of Applied Sciences) as a research coordinator. Email: Lehmacher (et)

Dr. Mareike Panz (PhD 2/2012) // After completing her PhD Mareike continued in our lab to work with Dr. Heiko Harten on Neprilysins as a PostDoc. From March 2013 to June 2014 Mareike worked at the SynenTec GmbH in Münster/Germany. In 7/2014 she got an appointment at Dr. Kurt Wolff (care products) in Bielefeld. Email: Panz (et)

Prof. Dr. Torsten Hugo Struck has been with us for many years. Torsten finished his diploma in Biology at the University of Osnabrück and the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, Germany. He spent a postdoctoral internship at Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA (2003-2005). From 2005 to 2011 he worked as a senior researcher at our Department. Afterwards Torsten moved on to the Zoological Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn, Germany, as a Heisenberg Fellow.  Since 2015 Torsten is  Professor in Evolutionary Genomics at the Natural History Museum in Oslo (Norway).

Dr. Stefanie Albrecht /research gate/ (PhD 12/2010) // Stefanie is now working as a postdoc and senior scientist at the Universitätsklinikum Münster, Neuropathology, Email: stefanie.albrecht (et)

Dr. Julia Sellin /research gate/ (PhD 8/2008) Julia continued in research and is currently postdoc with Prof. Michael Hoch at the Life & Medical Sciences Institute Bonn (LIMES), . In 2019, Julia accepted a position at the Center for Rare Diseases in Bonn (, working now as a reseacrh coordinator. Email: sellin (et)

Dr. Dmitry Popichenko /research gate/  (PhD 4/2008) // Dmitry finished his PhD in 2008 and moved on as a postdoc in Prof. Ruth Palmers lab at the Umea Center for Molecular Pathogenesis (Sweden). Since 2011/12 Dmitry is back to Russia to work as a scientist at Vector-Best  ( His Email in 2015 is: popichenko_11 (et)

Dr. Annette Bergter (PhD 8/2007) // After completing her PhD Annette started to work as a LSM Application Specialist at Carl Zeiss Microimaging in Jena. Annette is currently appointed as a LSM Development Specialist at Zeiss.  Email: abergter (et)

Dr. Simone Lier (PhD 9/2002) // After completing her PhD Simone continued as a postdoc at the Max Delbrück Centrum in Berlin for one year before she accepted a position at the Behring-Werke in Marburg. She got trained as a Patent Counsellor and has now a position at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbH, Email: simone.lier (et)

Dr. Cyrill Brand (PhD 5/2002) // After leaving the university Cyrill got trained as a Product Manager at GlaxoSmithKline, later he continued as a Program Manager at Dres. Schlegel+Schmidt Kommunikation GmbH. He is currently CEO in the area of Medical Services (Göttingen).

Dr. Sebastian Breuer // After finishing his PhD, Sebastian moved on as a postdoc at the ETH Zürich. Later he decided to become a Program Manager at „The Genetics Company“ (Switzerland) and worked as a department head in the area of Business Development Diagnostics (Chemical Industry). Currently he is Vice President in Business Development at Biotest (Frankfurt).

Former Senior scientists at the Department

Dr. Monika Müller worked for several years at the department. She is now at the Evangelische Akademie Loccum (Loccum).

Dr. Barbara Rotstein Bajo has been with us from 2012-2017. She is now with a pharmaceutical company.