Maik Drechsler

Actin dynamics and protein secretion in the oocyte

Project Title: Analysis of the mechanism and necessity of Spire membrane recruitment and its function in protein secretion

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Principle Investigator: Maik Drechsler, NN

Summary: The coordinated formation of actin filaments, known as actin nucleation, constitutes a vital biochemical mechanism that is conserved in all metazoan species. Single actin filaments organise into complex dynamic networks, which is essential for cell differentiation, -function and -survival. Processes that require such dynamic actin networks for example include cell division, cell migration, intracellular transport and organelle biogenesis.

The movie shows simultaneous imaging of F- actin (UTRN.GFP) and vesicles (DIC) in control cells. Images were acquired at 1 frame every 10.2s. Playback speed is 20 fps (~200x real speed). The movie illustrates fluid streaming in the ooycte. I am analysing the role of the actin nucleator Spire and how actin bundling is regulating cytoplasmic streaming.

Movie is taken from Drechsler et al Nat Comm 2017