2021: Lars Witte, MA-candidate

lars.witte (et)

I am working on the dynamics of extracellular matrix assembly in the fly embryo.

2021: Carina Harnisch, MA-candidate

carina.harnisch (et)

I am isolating single cells (nephrocytes) from Drosophila larvae. The cells will be used for a genome wide transcriptome analysis. The project is part of a collaboration with Prof. Thomas Röder (Kiel).

2022: Eike Fehrenbach, MA-candidate

efehrenbach (et)

I will study Drosophila mutants in the scanning electron microscope.

2022: Kai Jürgens, MA-candidate

kjuergens (et)

Topic: I am working on an atlas of Drosophila anatomy, based on scanning electron microscopy images.

2022: Anita Ruf, BA-candidate

aruf (et)

My Bachelor thesis is on Drosophila nephrocytes and membrane trafficking pathways.

2022: Carla Oevermann, BA-candidate

caoevermann (et)

My Bachelor thesis is on Drosophila nephrocytes and adipocytes. I will probably isolate individual nephrocytes and fat cell tissue for proteomic and lipidomic analyses.

MA- and BA-candidates


2021: Luisa Vehling, BA-candidate

lvehling (et)

My Bachelor thesis is on transmission electron microscopy to analyse myoblast fuion. I am working together with Jonas Olbrich, doctoral candidate in the Zoology department.

2022: Marvin Kruse, BA-candidate

marvkruse (et)

My Bachelor thesis will be on protein purification of proteins from membrane trafficking pathways.

2021: Kim Michelle Simes, BA-candidate

ksimes (et)

My Bachelor thesis is on proteome analysis in wild-type and mutant nephrocytes in Drosophila. I am working together with Maren Janz, doctoral candidate in the Zoology department.



2022: Lisa Schäper, BA-candidate

lschaeper (et)

My Bachelor thesis is on the ultrastructure of invertebrates eyes.

2021: David Book, MA-candidate (et)

I am using a transgenic P-element Drosophila line for a jump-out mutagenesis. Aim is to characterise the function of the corresponding gene.

2022: Franziska Chowanietz, BA-candidate

fchowanietz (et)

I´am analyzing the occurrence and population trends of the European crayfish

2021: Miriam Fichte, MA-candidate

miriam.fichte (et)

I am involved in pull down experiments to identify unknown factors interacting with a SR/ER protein.

2022: Antonia Mentrup BA-candidate

amentrup (et)

I will study Drosophila SERCA mutants, together with Heiko Harten.

2023: Kim Michelle Simes, MA-candidate

ksimes (et)

My Master thesis concentrates on the functional anaylsis of Rab GAP proteins. My thesis will be supervised by the Ungermann and Paululat group.