Zoology-Developmental Biology - AG Paululat

Martina Biedermann, Technician, CTA

martina.biedermann (et) uni-osnabrueck.de

Together with Mechthild Krabusch, I am responsible for our fly facility. I take care of our fly stocks, e.g., I am preparing the good food for our flies. Healthy flies are essential for the research in our group. The current fly facility houses more than 3000 different Drosophila stocks. I am also responsible for running our lab kitchen with the autoclave, washers and labware dishwashers.    

Eva Cordes, Technician, Dipl. Biol, MTA

eva.cordes (et) uni-osnabrueck.de

I am working together with Heiko Harten in supporting the SERCA and Neprilysin research projects. If someone in the lab is in need to order antibodies, chemicals or other labware, ask me, I am responsible for contacting companies and ordering.

Kerstin Etzold, Technician, BTA

kerstin.etzold (et) uni-osnabrueck.de

My expertise is histology and transmission electron microscopy. I like to work with the Zeiss 902 and Zeiss Leo microscopes. I am supporting several research projects in the lab by preparing tissue for embedding. Probes were sectioned with an Ultracut, for example, and analysed ultrastructurally with one of the electron microscopes.

Mechthild Krabusch, Technician, BTA

mechthild.krabusch (et) uni-osnabrueck.de

Together with Martina Biedermann I am heading our fly facility. To keep the flies healthy is often not easy: day/night rhythm, good food, humidity, protection against parasites - all this has to be taken into account. I am also responsible for ordering new fly stock and to keep them in quarantine. I am always happy when our new bachelor and master students ask for some help when working with flies.

Katrin Fänger, Technician, BTA

katrin.faenger (et) uni-osnabrueck.de

My portfolio includes the common molecular biological methods, e.g. PCR, cloning, plasmid purification and biochemical techniques, such as protein purifications, enzyme assay. I previously worked in the Genetics Department where I gained a lot of experience in yeast genetics. Now I supported my new department in lab work. Also, im helping to prepare the student courses.

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