Winfried Bruns       


Conference and seminar talks 

  1. Canonical modules of Rees algebras. Piraino, September 24, 2003
  2. Initial algebras of determinantal rings, Cohen-Macaulay and Ulrich ideals. Bangalore, December 2003
  3. Betti numbers and Bass numbers. Lecture at the conference for Phil Griffith, Urbana, September 2005
  4. Lattice polytopes: algebraic, geometric and combinatorial aspects. 4 lectures at YMIS, Sedano, March 2007
  5. Covering properties of affine monoids, Berlin, June 2007
  6. Experiments in lattice polytopes, Sevilla, February 2008
  7. Algebras over monoidal complexes, Yokohama, March 2008
  8. Rings of invariants, Ann Arbor, August 2008
  9. Stanley decompositions and Hilbert depth in the Koszul complex, Kingston, September 2010
  10. Hilbert depth of powers of the maximal ideal, Syracuse, October 2010
  11. Relations of minors, MSRI, November 2012
  12. Normaliz: algorithms for rational cones and affine monoids,Osnabrück, January 2013
  13. Binomial regular sequences and free sums, PEAKS, March 2013
  14. The computation of generalized Ehrhart series and integrals in Normaliz, Berlin, December 2013
  15. Recent extensions of Normaliz, , Bad Boll, March 2014
  16. Normaliz: a tutorial, Porto, June 2015.
  17. Normal lattice polytopes, Osnabrück, July 2015
  18. Products of Borel fixed ideals of maximal minors, Kyoto, July 2016
  19. Normaliz – a tool for discrete convex geometry, Salt lake City, November 2016
  20. Convex hull computation in Normaliz, Cambridge, April 2017
  21. The Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of powers and products, Mesina, May 2017
  22. Polyhedral computations in social choice, Leipzig, May 2017
  23. An algorithm for volumes of polytopes with applications to social choice, Urbana, March 2018
  24. Wilf's conjecture by multiplicity, Berlin 2019
  25. Algebraic polytopes in Normaliz, Braunschweig 2020 (Video)
  26. Polytope volumes in high dimension, SIAM meeting on appied algebraic geometry. August 2021
  27. Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity over general base rings, virtual talk, Mumbai, September 2021
  28. Sagbi combinatorics of maximal minors, Genova, October 2022